I'm not pretty, I'm interesting. I'm an anti-diva, I won't be screaming for a frappacinno. I love what I do and my enjoyment is reflected in my unerring enthusiasm for every project I take on. I will turn up early for our shoot, I will be polite and friendly to everyone involved, I will make myself useful; carrying kit, making tea, offering direction to other models as/when/if required ... I am likely to crack bad jokes. I work hard but my naturally dry, self deprecating sense of humour means I never take myself too seriously. I like making faces; the bigger, the bolder, the crazier, the better ... I find my features lend themselves to this. I strive to create images with character. The camera unleashes different aspects of my personality with every click. I'm battering boxes and eating boundaries for breakfast, constantly reinventing myself, refreshing my portfolio to display my versatility. I am no pigeon, thrust me not into holes! I do not strike flash poses BAMN! everywhichway ... I start with one stance and it evolves, everything flowing from it in a natural progression. I am content to experiment or to be directed. I like tea and talk - I like to combine both before shooting with someone. A creative chit-chat to be arranged at a mutually convenient time upon booking. I am a lucky girl. I have worked with some major talent and I am grateful to them always. They have presented me with some fantastic opportunities, taught me valuable lessons and together we have created some beautiful photos.

IMPORTANT NOTE Regarding 18+ work.

Quite simply, with regards to nudes I have been spoiled, having worked with some exceedingly talented individuals in this area. I'm very pleased with the work I have in this field and am not actively seeking new projects of this ilk. I will consider nudes but as with all work, desire a detailed summary of what the shoot will involve and the team present.